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Vines and Forks

Vines & Forks is the reimagined version of The Wine Barn. Since new ownership in February of 2019, we have been working hard to right the wrongs of the previous ownership and build our business back up to its former glory.

Our Vision

Our team is a vibrant representation of our sense of place. We are all people dedicated to correctness, consistency, and overall quality of our guest's experience.

Our Mission

To provide an uncompromised level of service for our guests, and establishing long-lasting relationships that echo for years to come, while curating the best guest experience possible.

Our Concept

A pizzeria affixed within a rustic setting surrounded by wine bottles, as if you are in a vineyard cellar.

Our Cuisine

Our cuisine is rustic Italian style food, we utilize a wood-fired oven to achieve optimum flavor. We feature rustic Italian pizzas, fresh handmade pastas, gorgeous green salads, and desserts that will please any palate. All of this food is effortlessly paired with any of our wines throughout our wine selection.

Our Food

Vines and Forks' Menu

Meet the Team

Vines and Forks Team
Melina Salazar

Operations Manager / Executive Chef

Melina Salazar


Vines and Forks Reviews
  • 1999

    The Wine Barn was established

    The Wine Barn: A unique, wholesale wine market, open to the public. We mainly focus on small production, artisan wines, especially those that deliver unbelievable quality and price, a term we'd like to call: "HQPR" or High Quality-Price Ratio Wines.
  • 1999, August

    The Wine Barn TV Commercial was made

    "The Best Wines, The Lowest Prices"
  • 2009, September

    Our First Anniversary Tasting

    Our First Anniversary Tasting was a success. we had a great turn out with 360 attendees.
  • 2011, December

    The Wine Barn Opening in Winter Park

    With 220 attendees, our Grand Opening was a success!
  • 2012

    Now serving wood fired pizzas!

    aka "Barn Pizzas"
  • 2014, May

    Wine lovers and pizza lovers unite at Winter Park’s Wine Barn - Orlando Weekly

    "The 14-inch pizzas are made from scratch with dough of 100 percent Caputo doppio zero (the best flour for pizza) and baked at 800 degrees for 90 seconds. The result: a nicely blistered crust with just the right amount of elasticity. The margherita ($9), with its San Marzano tomatoes, fior di latte (cow’s milk mozzarella) and basil, was outstanding and heartily devoured. We then scarfed down half of the Piemonte ($16) layered with Ibérico ham, butter-glazed mushrooms, caramelized onions, tomato chutney and a farmer’s egg. The fragrant pie was doused in white truffle oil, and we’re not complaining." - Faiyaz Kara, Orlando Weekly
  • 2014, June

    The Wine Barn's Wood Fired Fire Truck is here!

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  • 2014, July

    We got a positive review from Scott Joseph!

    "There are two keys to their success. First is the flour, which is Caputo brand, imported from Naples (not the one in Florida) and is a 00, the finest grind (ratings are 1, 0 and 00). The pizza dough is made from scratch and allowed to rest for 24 hours before it is hand-stretched when the pizza is ordered. The other key is the oven. Instead of retrofitting the retail space with a kitchen, owner Andres Montoya has essentially set up a more temporary kitchen behind the building — think the sort of setup you'd find at a food fair in the park. There he has an actual wood-burning oven capable of the desired 800-degree temps that allow a pie to cook in about 90 seconds. A third key, and not an insignificant one, is a staff who know how to use keys one and two. Here the pizzaioli are Melina Salazar and Marcus Adam, and they do a terrific job." - Scott Joseph
  • 2015, September

    Ranked #1 as 10 Best Pizza Places in Orlando in USA Today

    “Much in the way that parents dream of an in-Target margarita bar come school-supply shopping season, so, too, have wine enthusiasts fantasized of local shops wherein the bottles they covet might be opened, right there on the spot, and enjoyed alongside fine food. Sans fancy dress code and wine snobbery, of course. Orlando, it turns out, has given us just that in the form of the Wine Barn. Long a favorite among locals looking for good bottles at every price point, the addition of a wood-fired pizza oven has made it that much more beloved. Delicious, crisp pies, classic to creative, not to mention a host of other offerings from within the oven and without, make it the sort of place you may not have planned on camping out â€" but you're sure glad you did. Reservations recommended.”
  • 2016, November

    The Wine Barn at UberEats

    Uber Food has arrived! You can now order your favorite meals from The Wine Barn and have them delivered at Uber speed.
  • 2017, February

    New Recipe: Italian Tiramisu

    Our authentic Italian Tiramisu made in-house using an authentic Italian recipe. It's the perfect answer for your Tiramisu craving!
  • 2018, January

    Now Serving Lunch!

    We started serving lunch at 11:30am.
  • 2019, February

    The Wine Barn has new owners!

    Ramón & Veronica Llado, plan to keep the name and continue with the same concept, including the wood-fired pizzas and the rest of the food menu. The Llados are a husband and wife team. Ramón hails from Catalunya, Spain and Veronica is from Ecuador - both are entrepreneurs from Spain and Ecuador. They reportedly own multiple businesses in Ecuador but this will be their first restaurant venture in the United States.


MONDAY-SUNDAY: 4:00pm - 10:00pm